It’s Who I Am

Stuff that defines me resides here and the list will grow as Image Pixels develop


With over 40 years photography experience, Kim Weber is semi-retired seeking work to pay a few bills, enhance her camera collection of tools, and grow as a media artist.

“Middle-age is an excellent place to be right now. I spend time with my husband, mom, kids and grandkids. When I’m not working on a project that is.”

Work takes priority. When those are complete, I study photography and video as I  refine ideas that were either already in progress, in my head, or those almost done and needing completion. My current break from work-for-hire is spent on this site and with video editing projects.

I look forward to Inspirey days; the days you focus on re-charging and prioritizing. Usually, Chelsea Casanova and fit one of those in when we get time off, but Chelsea is building her business right now , Stellar Media  so I’m videoing and webbing.


Graphic Art Experience
-IVY Tech classes: InDesign & Illustrator
-Self-publishing book design
-Product brochures
-Photography in graphics
-Web design (IVY Tech class and now this site)

Photography Experience
-Portrait Photography
-Wedding Photography
-Self-study is on going
-IVY Tech classes

Video Experience
Visit my IMDb list!
-IVY Tech classes: Premiere Pro & After Effects
-Personal Projects
-“A Lotta Life” comedy short. Director of Photography (DP), Camera (Lumix GH4), Co-Producer, Editor
-“Movin’ In” sound
-“Ebowla” sound
-“98.6 %” sound

Husband: Bill 🙂
2 married sons. Kasey & Cam, Jaron & Erica
3-grandchildren. River, Cain, Eden
And the love keeps on growing:
Nikki & Sid: Ashley & Brad, Alison. Sarah & Andrew. Mallory.
Amy & Rick: Sean & Morgan. Amber.
Scott: Alex & Alexandra, Michael. Gabby.
Mike: Michaela, Bradley. Megan. Billy. Nick & Rebecca. Logan.

Mom, sister & brother, brother & sister, nieces & nephews, aunts and uncles, cousins. I love them all.

North High School
IVY Tech Community College Southwest
Self taught with the help of You Tube, product sites, & knowledgable sales people in local stores


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